PAVING your way to Prosperity!

Rule #1

The path to prosperity begins with a decision and picks up traction with every new discipline you develop aimed towards being prosperous. Don’t waste time thinking about HOW you will become prosperous; instead spend time thinking about your personal development and your path to prosperity will commence!

John Wesley Pace Ii – On Your Way to Prosperity 2015

“Overcoming The Confidence Killers In Your Life”

“Overcoming The Confidence Killers In Your Life”

All Of Us Are Faced With Confidence Killers-

Go with Bishop John Pace as He helps you identity and help you to overcome the confidence killers in our lives…


Quick Notes:

“The Confidence that has so much value in our life is always under attack by a silent subtle assassin”

“There are things in our lives that have been positioned to oppose us so that we never gain, grow and go in the confidence God has given us to succeed”.



Life Changers Leadership Academy MONDAY NIGHTS STARTING AT 7PM!

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School Of Ministry Mondays Live.

Life Changers Leadership Academy
by John W. Pace.

Educating, Equipping, Empowering! Perfecting Life Long Leaders Changing and Transforming Lives. Disciplining, Developing, & Deploying Godly Leaders.


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